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Finding Hope in Times of Crisis: A Mother's Perspective

Life has a way of surprising us, reminding us of our vulnerability and the unpredictable nature of our journey. Whether it's nature's unexpected twists, the hand of fate, or even our own adversaries, these shocks often leave us in a state of shock, rendering us incapable of clear thinking and action.

As a mother of a soldier during these challenging times, the impact of the recent events has hit me on both a personal and national level. After two sleepless nights, glued to the television, unable to eat anything but empty calories, I felt compelled to take an action with a single goal in mind: to join the battle. Going back to our daily routines seemed impossible, so I canceled all my upcoming appointments and hastily booked a flight to Israel. From that moment on, I've been in active mode, with energy and vitality returning to my body.

In such times, it's essential to take steps that help transition your nervous system into a state of logical thinking. Instead of using the word "calm" – given that we're still under pressure – let's focus on achieving a state of logical thinking. Here are some practical steps you can take:

Active Contributions to the Battle

Israel has faced its fair share of national traumas, and as a nation, we've developed the ability to function during crises and emerge stronger. Engaging in actions that contribute to the battle not only aids in survival but also encourages logical thinking and activates your nervous system in a state of calm. Dedicate even one hour each day to actions related to the situation, and it will not only benefit you but also contribute to the collective effort.

Prioritize Health

If you're supporting others – be it soldiers, family, children, or patients – ensure you have the basics in place: food, fluids, and rest. When we take care of ourselves, we can be more effective in supporting those around us.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer has no religious boundaries. It's a fundamental practice that connects us to the forces of life even when everything seems to be falling apart. As a mother, my prayers are not only for my soldier but for the well-being of all those involved in this challenging situation.

Connect with Nature

Spend time outdoors as much as possible. Whether it's walking barefoot on the beach, sitting in the garden, or immersing yourself in nature, being in natural surroundings can provide a sense of security. It's in those moments that I find solace, even when my thoughts are with my child.

Postpone Non-Urgent Tasks

If you're feeling overwhelmed, plan your day in smaller, manageable segments. This way, you can tackle the most pressing matters first, allowing you to be more present for your family and your love ones.

Engage in Beneficial Activities

Activities like gardening, playing, moving, creating, writing, organizing, or sorting papers are small yet meaningful tasks that provide a sense of control amidst the chaos. These activities shouldn't be underestimated; they are crucial for strengthening, not only for you but for your child as well.

Use Music, Touch and Movement

These can help you preserve your emotional foundation, which is critical for your ongoing functioning during these challenging times, and they are ways to connect with your family, including your soldier.

Express Your Emotions

As a mother, the emotions I feel are often overwhelming. Allowing your nervous system an outlet for the emotions building up within you is essential. Cry, express anger, or voice your fears – this is essential for processing trauma and ensuring it doesn't stay bottled up inside.

Stay Connected

As a mother of a soldier, my connections with other families going through similar experiences have been a source of strength and support. Interact with people who provide support, engage in social interactions, and have meaningful conversations. This will help you navigate the emotional storm and cope with the situation and provide you with the support you need.

Monitor Your Media Consumption

Stay mindful of the information you're exposed to, the dosage, and the timing. While media can connect and alleviate anxiety, it can also overwhelm and exceed your ability to process. Seek out stories of resilience and victory, which can provide hope and reassurance during these challenging times.

Breathe Mindfully

Practice deep breathing through your abdomen in a 4:4:4 rhythm. Try sets of 10 breaths or more in each sequence. It's a simple yet effective way to regain composure in moments of anxiety.

In these trying times, staying healthy and safe is of paramount importance. As a mother, my hope is not only for the safety of my soldier but for the well-being of all those affected by these events. Remember that hope is not lost, and by taking these steps, you can find a sense of control and strength even amidst the chaos. 🌻

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