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Escape Digestive Distress and Restore Harmony to Your Microbiome

It's not the symptom, It's the SYSTEM!

If you find yourself wrestling with persistent bloating, constipation, or grappling with issues like IBS, Crohn's, or colitis, it's crucial to redirect your focus towards comprehending and addressing the underlying root-causes. Whether you can't lose weight or simply seeking relief from digestive discomforts, now is the moment to embark on a transformative journey. Shift away from merely managing symptoms and embrace a functional approach to support your digestive health.


Let's work together to restore balance, reinvigorate your energy, and reclaim your overall well-being.

How We Work

We do things differently, learn how

Reveal the underlying root causes behind thyroid dysfunction through the use of functional lab work.

Reestablish your body's systems to optimal health through personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplements recommendations.

Gain the knowledge to discern what suits your body best, ensuring a lifetime of good health!

Thank you for looking at me holistically, and not just at my weight! Thank you for seeing me with compassionate and respectful eyes, and not with judgment and harshness. Thank you for diversifying my choices and recipes. Thank you for teaching me to let go and trust. Thank you for being you, in depth, in knowledge, in patience, in grace, in acceptance. You are wonderful!

S.A California

Functional Labs

There are many functional lab tests available, but three are common practice: the GI MAP Stool Test, the MRT Food Sensitivity, and the DUTCH Hormonal Test. You can also find your unique Metabolic Type. The specific ins-and-outs of these tests can get a bit technical and science-y, so let’s take a closer look at what these tests look at in simple terms.

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What role of probiotics in your health?

Probiotics and prebiotics working in harmony to cultivate a flourishing microbiome. Probiotics, living microorganisms found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kvass and misso, act as guardians of our digestive system, bestowing a myriad of health benefits by restoring and preserving the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria within the gut.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

If you are about to have a routine annual check or want to undergo comprehensive blood tests and are interested in in-depth analysis, know that you can learn so much about the functioning of systems and organs in your body just through your blood tests.

Food Colors and Vitamins

Did you know that plants colors are not just for visual beauty? In fact, plants colors are powerful tools animals and plants use as a form of survival (think camouflage), and to signal viability, level of threat to others, and much more.

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Ricky Trigalo,
Founder & CEO,
Life Changing Nutrition

Hello, I'm Ricky Trigalo, FDN-P, Thyroid and Digestion Expert. After 25 years as an executive in the Hi-Tech industry, my journey into functional health began when my child faced thyroid disfunction. Discovering the power of functional medicine and holistic health, I halted the disease's progression. Now, I'm dedicated to helping those tired of chronic illness cycles.

My mission is to shift the dialogue on chronic and auto-immune disease. If you've struggled with autoimmune symptoms and traditional medicine hasn't provided relief, I believe there's a better way. Let's work together to restore balance and vitality.

We invite you to contact us and schedule a complimentary meeting to understand your health concerns and discover the transformative potential of personalized protocol in functional medicine principles. 

During this session, we'll have the chance to get acquainted, discuss your health goals, and explore any specific challenges you may be facing. 

Together, we will explore how functional medicine nutrition can be a key component in addressing underlying issues and fostering lasting well-being.

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