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Body-Mind-Spirit Detox

Join a compassionate and supportive cohort of individuals looking to refresh their bodies and minds to build and sustain a healthier lifestyle!

Body-Mind-Spirit Detox

Support | Knowledge | Recipes | Motivation | Inspiration | Confidence | Strength | +Much more!

Transform your Mind-Body-Spirit in just 14-Days

A Compassionate Approach to a Lifestyle Transformation 

This is not another dieting gimmick or cleanse! This is an opportunity to recalibrate your body’s natural digestion cycle so that you can ditch feeling tired and bloated all day and feel energized instead.  


During my 14-Day Body-Mind-Spirit Cleansing Program we will focus on science-backed nutrition, gut-health, and rest/rejuvenation practices, allowing your body the time and natural resources it needs to restore balance to itself. 

Here’s a Breakdown of the 14-Day Challenge:

  • Body preparation - 3 Days Prior to Challenge Start

    • Food and kitchen prep. Also abstain from eating and drinking certain foods. 


  • Light Detox - First 5 Days of Challenge

    • Introduction to the three daily meal schedules. 


  • Deep Cleansing - Interim 4 Days Between Week 1 and Week 2

    • Consumption of liquid foods only (soups, broths, shakes and smoothies). 


  • Light Detox - Final 5 Days  

    • Resumption of the three daily meal schedules.

Are There Any Foods I Won’t Be Allowed to Eat?

For the purposes of this 14-Day lifestyle challenge, we’ll be putting a pause on the following foods: Coffee/Caffeine, Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Alcohol.


For you to experience the full-benefits of this body-mind-spirit cleansing program, it’s important to remove these food items from your diet. 


I recommend that you stop consuming these food items at least 3 days before the program starts (during Body Preparation phase) to avoid headache and digestive discomfort during the program and to allow your body to prepare for these adjustments.

You Won't Do This Alone!

I hope that after this challenge you are more motivated to continue living a more healthy lifestyle. This challenge is only a stepping stone for what you can achieve with the knowledge and discipline we’ll discuss during this transformation.

Is 14 Days Enough Time?

Believe it or not, 14 days is the perfect time to experience the effects and benefits of a lifestyle change. The beginning may be tough, but it’s important to note that you will have a cohort of like-minded individuals to support you. There’s also no perfect way to do this, and there’s no way to fail!

What's Included?

  • Recipe E-Book with more than 70 recipes you can choose from to build a complete 14-day menu to help you achieve your goals successfully. You’ll also gain the knowledge to adjust or substitute recipes to your individual tastes.

  • Unique Detox-Kit contains herbs, minerals and unique plants picked personally by me from my journeys around the world. This Detox-Kit is valued at $80.

  • Shopping Lists so you know exactly what to shop for and where. 


  • Live Zoom Groups (recorded)  hosted bi-weekly to connect with me and other members. We’ll talk about our challenges, successes, discoveries, and experiences.

  • Mini-Lectures (recorded) on topics related to whole foods, their benefits, and where to find them.  


  • WhatsApp Support Group so you can communicate with me and other members daily to support each other, ask questions, share products, tips and recipes.

What About Cosmetics and/or Beauty Products?

Many of the cosmetics and beauty products for sale in stores come with additional compounds that can be harmful to our bodies. I know, sad truth. That’s why, we’ll also be putting a pause on the use of products that contain hidden toxins, metals, and chemical-based compounds. 


But don’t fret, there are many alternatives. Upon registration, I will share great techniques how to replace cosmetics and household cleaning products with chemical-free ones. 

Ready to start? 

Have questions?

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What Clients Say

After working with Ricky through her detox program my energy has significantly transformed. Before working with Ricky I couldn't get through my day without taking naps because I would have severe energy crashes and fatigue. My sleeping patterns were also very inconsistent. With the guidance I received from Ricky during the detox, I was able to establish healthy sleep routines that helped me have better sleep to be more energized throughout the day. Ricky also made it very simple to follow the detoxing protocols without having to completely alter my diet and lifestyle. I was able to plan ahead and consume meals that supported my body's needs and I with making those changes I was able to end constipation and bloating.

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