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Ricky Trigalo
Functional Heal
th Practitioner 
License #338512

About Me

Educate | Empower |Transform

My journey into holistic health began when my child faced health challenges, revealing issues with thyroid function. Despite traditional medical suggestions, I delved into functional medicine and discovered effective ways to halt the progression of the disease using diet and natural methods.


Having spent 25 years as a high-tech professional, I transitioned into a realm driven by my fervor for nutrition and natural health. Departing from the demanding tech industry, I embarked on a transformative journey to delve into Functional Medicine and Nutrition.


My mission is to guide individuals in restoring balance to their bodies. Rejecting the concept of traditional diets, I view imbalanced weight as a symptom of overall bodily imbalance.


My approach involves identifying healing opportunities by concentrating on organs and systems, aiming to revitalize and restore equilibrium through the principles of functional wellness, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Typically, my clients are individuals who have battled chronic symptoms without finding relief through traditional medicine. They often express having "tried everything" before seeking a better way.


I am committed to guiding others on their path to optimal health, offering a holistic perspective that goes beyond conventional approaches. Let's work together to restore balance and vitality to your life.

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