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Sometimes, even holistic nutritionists need help with their clients.

Holistic nutritionists work as detectives for the body, tracking down leads, analyzing the data, conducting trials, and coming to conclusions based on their experience and skills.


But, it can often be a solitary experience. 


That's why I am offering my services as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) to team up with holistic nutritionists as a consultant and offer guidance, feedback, and support on their own client protocols.

  • Functional lab testing for: 

    • Food sensitivity - blood test which measures the sensitivity of 176 foods and food, medical and cosmetic chemicals 

    • GI-Map - a stool test which gives a complete view of all microbiome in the gut

    • DUTCH Complete for stress and sex hormones - levels of cortisol, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, SigA and melatonin, and many more

    • Comprehensive thyroid test

    • Mucosa barrier permeability 

    • Metabolic wellness 

    • Mineral absorption

    • Metal toxicity 

    • + more depending on individual client needs


  • Collaborate on client D.R.E.S.S. protocols 

  • Client partner coaching 


Our work together will solely focus on helping deliver the best services possible to your clients and on helping you feel confident in the regimens and protocols you design and execute.

Here's what I offer: 

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Functional Labs

If you’re currently experiencing chronic discomfort in or around your body, a good way to begin your return to a healthy balance is searching for the root-cause. Functional lab tests prove to be incredible tools in helping to analyze the root cause of your discomfort and work with you on healing opportunities to reduce the stress your body experiences and heal from dis-eases.


MRT Food Sensitivity

Are you tired of playing detective with your health, trying to decipher the cause of those lingering symptoms? Amidst the sea of food sensitivity tests available, there's one shining star that stands out: the MRT food sensitivity test. Let's delve into why it's hailed as the best, debunking misconceptions along the way.

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How We Work With Our Clients

Discovery Call


The first step will be gaining insights into your health conditions and requesting any applicable lab kits for your case. During this meeting, you will also receive from me a list of blood tests to request from your doctor. While awaiting the arrival of these kits, you'll receive several intake forms via email for your prompt completion. Additionally, you'll be prompted to fill out a 3-day food and symptom journal. Upon submission of these documents, we can proceed to schedule our initial consultation. Please note that the cost of lab testing is not included in the package pricing.

Initial Consultation


For our first initial consultation, we will discuss the nature of the coaching relationship, health history and goals, as well as review your intake forms, food journal and functional blood chemistry analysis based on your blood test results. This all helps form an individualized plan for your unique needs. Around this time, you should have most of your labs completed as we await for results. Expect up to 4 weeks for all labs results to arrive.

Intake Session


Upon the arrival of your results, we will coordinate a 90-120 minute Intake session. Within 24 hours of this session, a detailed email containing your results will be sent to you. During the Intake session, we will delve into a comprehensive analysis of your lab results and correlate them with your symptoms. Subsequently, you will receive a detailed 90-day diet and lifestyle protocol. Additionally, we will provide access to supplements and nutraceuticals through Fullscript at discounted rates.



Bi-weekly follow-up sessions lasting 45-60 minutes each will be scheduled over the next 3-6 months, depending on your chosen package. These sessions are designed to monitor your progress, address any challenges, and offer guidance as needed, supporting you throughout your journey.

Final Session


In our concluding session, we will reevaluate symptoms and assess opportunities for further enhancement. Emphasis will be placed on sustaining the newly adopted healthy habits well beyond our coaching period. Keep in mind that the path to health is an ongoing journey, extending beyond our coaching relationship. In certain instances, follow-up testing may be recommended to monitor progress or explore additional insights that may emerge during the course of your wellness journey.

Ready to start? 

Have questions?

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