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I chose health as my new career - The Yin and Yang of my life

Updated: Mar 9

I started out as a Software Engineer - and EVERYTHING about me was “by the book” -from my programming to my health - I was a “don’t draw outside the lines” kind of person, and that’s how I lived, and all was ok. Until suddenly, it wasn’t…

There are moments and events in our life that are defining moments - some are joyous, others, devastating. Unfortunately my defining moment came from a family tragedy that was caused by medical negligence. This sent me on a spiral of trauma, that even 20 years later, I still feel the pain from.

But out of great tragedy, if we choose, can come great shifts and learning. I decided to learn everything I could about the human body and how we can take charge of our health and our wellness. I went from sticking to Western medicine and absolute science to opening my mind to alternatives. And it has been quite a journey...

As an Engineer - I needed actual, factual answers. I needed scientific, empirical proof that what I was learning was real. I searched up, down, sideways, back and forth for answers. All the while I was still working in a very technical, very high stress Hi-Tech setting.