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Weight-Loss Management Through a Holistic Lens

Updated: Jan 26

I don’t believe in traditional weight loss diet plans. And here’s why: They’re usually not specific or targeted enough to address an individual’s unique needs. Being overweight or clinically obese is no different from any other adverse symptom or health problem.

Treating excess weight should be no different, in my opinion, to how we treat other sources of inflammation or infection in the body. For example, if the results of a blood test show a high level of white blood cells, the medical focus is not in lowering white blood cell count, but on the inflammation that causes an increase.

Why do many weight loss programs fail?

When my clients ask me for help in losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle, instead of diving right into counting calories or measuring food quantities, I focus on working with clients to raise the energy levels in their bodies. When we do that, the body has a natural, organic way of balancing out its weight.

How does this happen? I believe in raising vitality in the body by identifying internal and external stressors and building a diet that is appropriate for the patient's metabolic type. Having too much weight is a sign of biochemical imbalance, metabolic inefficiency and loss of function.

What foods are important for weight loss management?

Food is an important part of weight management, but it's not the only factor contributing to excess weight. It’s just as important to learn to identify nutritional or physiological deficiencies unique to an individual and to focus on their rehabilitation.

Additionally, healthy food for one person can be toxic for another, which is why a specialized approach and analysis of body reactions to food sources, which often appear up to 48 hours after a meal is important.

Although the body can be forced to lose weight by various means, if we do not eat what is right for us and if we do not address external factors that are responsible for our vitality, we will struggle through the weight loss journey and more often than not, regain lost weight.


The Holistic Approach

Weight gain is not the primary source of a problem; it is a symptom or manifestation of the real problem, often pointing to the imbalance of our internal systems.

Think of it this way: If your finger hurts because you hold it over a flame, you can apply a soothing cream to relieve the pain, but the pain will always keep coming back until you extinguish the flame.

Our bodies are incredible machines capable of outstanding transformations, good and bad. Dietary, mental, and environmental changes - with an emphasis on personalization - help our body repair and take care of itself. We need not focus intensely on one factor, but approach our health loss management through a holistic lens.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

I invite you to book an initial consultation with me to see how we can work together, hand-in-hand, so that you can achieve the lifestyle transformation you want. The journey may be challenging in the beginning, but like any journey worth taking, the results will be transformative.

And while every client interaction and needs will be unique to each. I promise that no matter your needs or struggles, you will receive the care, attention, and support you need.

Book with me an intro session and take the first step on your lifestyle transformation journey

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