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How Can Holistic Nutrition Help You?

Updated: Jan 26

Like many industries, such as clothing, automobile, and medicine, the commercialization of the food industry and the innovations that have resulted thereof, have given rise to convenient, fast food options at the expense of our health and long-term wellbeing.

Whether it's fast-food, ready-to-eat-meals, on-demand and at-home food delivery services, the convenience of these options has depleted our meals and nutrition of essential nutrients in favor of highly processed foods and chemicals that, over time, have been shown to be harmful and damaging to our bodies.

There was a time when great care and consideration was taken into what went into our bodies. Ingredients were fresh and highly valued for their nutrients. Meals were considered sacred and a time for bonding. Now, many of these sentiments have been replaced or totally erased. We’ve become too anxious when we are away from our jobs, screens, entertainment devices. We’ve become trapped in the repetitive and familiar rituals of our daily lives.

It’s no surprise then, that our bodies have reacted to this high level of anxiety and stress in our modern world. And, with no proper nutrition to soothe or nourish our bodies, more and more individuals are starting to experience the effects of chronic illnesses.

What kind of conditions or symptoms are you talking about?

I treat people with chronic conditions, such as allergies, food sensitivity, diabetes, obesity, chronic illness and chronic inflammation, as well as with autoimmunity such as celiac, Crohn, lupus, IBS, etc.

If you are experiencing any or some of the following symptoms, they may be be signs that your body may be off-balance:

Intense cravings Dizziness Brain fog PMS Anemia Infertility Irregular, heavy or skipped periods Mood swings Insomnia Brittle nails Dry skin and hair Hair loss Slow wound healing Blurred vision Depression Anxiety Constipation Gas Bloating Bad breath Emotional instability Acid reflux Glucose intolerance Elevated cholesterol Acne Eczema Diarrhea Migraines Joint pain Food intolerances Learning disabilities Behavioral issues Hyperactivity

What can I do to help me restore balance to my body?

If you or your family are experiencing the effects of chronic illness, then this is your wake-up call. It’s time to let go of convenience in favor of informed, healthy choices. I invite you to my practice of holistic nutrition. I offer you my knowledge and experience so that you can learn how to nourish yourself with fresh, natural options and experience the effects of living a balanced, healthy life.

Life changing nutrition starts with YOU.

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