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Autoimmunity and I: How our bodies signal us that something may be off

Updated: Jan 26

Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things, especially when it comes to keeping our internal systems running.

But what happens when the signals get crossed and instead of keeping us healthy, our internal systems start to fight themselves?

Under certain conditions, the immune system, the internal process in which our bodies identify and attack harmful viruses and bacteria, can all of a sudden begin to target healthy cells instead. This is often how individuals develop autoimmune diseases.

Our bodies recognize this and send an alarm to our brains which, in turn, begins the onset of symptoms that can include fatigue, restlessness, uncontrollable nervousness, and an inability to concentrate.

Unfortunately, modern times has conditioned us to think that such symptoms are caused by external factors, such as from work stress and/or other responsibilities. And so, we turn to modern medicines (sleeping pills, painkillers, antidepressants, etc.) for a quick and easy fix.

Modern medicine, however, silences the body's natural signals and usually does not treat the root cause or problem. Too much reliance on these quick fixes can lead to further bodily harm and dependence.

This is why listening to our bodies is of the utmost importance. Our body's first line of defense is to communicate that something is wrong internally through pain, fatigue, and discomfort.

This is the stage where preventative treatment through a complete diet and a healthy lifestyle is necessary.

Long before we succumb to disease, or develop allergies, or an imbalance and lack of control, changes can be made to our nutrition and lifestyles to help stop and correct this ongoing derailment.

Our bodies are amazing creations, but they rely on our choices and on our fuel to keep us healthy. When we stray, our bodies let us know. Isn’t it time we paid attention?

If you or your family is suffering from or experiencing symptoms of an autoimmune disease, now is the time to make changes. Life Changing Nutrition with Ricky Trigalo is here to listen and help.

Find out how One Small Step in Nutrition can Lead to One Giant Leap in Gut-Health.

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