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In-Person Services 

Let's get started!

First off, we'll have with a 20-minute initial consultation via Zoom. The consultation will give us the opportunity to meet one another, have some time to chat, and inform whether or not the services I offer are a good fit for you. 

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Initial Consultation done. 


Now what? 

Next, I’ll want to learn more about you, your challenges, and your goals. Depending on whether you prefer a more hands-on approach or are more of an independent type, the following three options may help:

Healthy Living Package

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Approach

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with a health condition or want a more tailored approach to your well-being,

my Healthy Living Package is a great option.

I’ll begin by emailing you an intake forms. Then, we’ll schedule a 90-120-minute in-person meeting to review and evaluate your current nutritional state and discuss how we might best work together to support your health goals. 

After that, we’ll have 30-minute bi-weekly meetings to help-us monitor your progress, fine tune your protocol (if needed), and review ongoing symptoms/improvements.

This package include:

  • Functional lab testing (if needed), along with medical analysis and correlations to your health condition - Read more about Function Lab Tests

  • Custom condition report and individualized nutrition information based on your needs and medical concerns.

  • DRESS Code Protocol: Diet, Rest, Physical Activity, Stress Management and Supplements recommendations tailored to achieve and sustain your goals. Read more how D.R.E.S.S Code looks like

  • Delicious and healthy whole-foods recipes, a personalized dietary roadmap, highlighting foods you focus on, foods to limit and food to avoid.

  • Easy to implement action plan.


Cost: $500/month or 1200/3-months. Additional pricing will apply if Functional lab tests are required

Add-on options:

  • 1 hour Grocery Store Tour ($70 instead of $90)

  • 1 hour Pantry Makeover ($70 instead of $90)


*This program does not include lab work/testing.

Diet Review and Action Plan

Health History, Diet Review, Individualized Wellness Plan

During this 90-minute meeting, we will review your intake materials, evaluate your nutritional status and discuss how we might best work together to support your health goals. You can expect to walk away from this meeting with some initial recommendations tailored to your needs and health status, as well as a couple of concrete action steps that you can implement right away. After our session, you will receive my report along with my findings and recommendations via email and find them also in your client portal account. 

Cost: $200

Fine Tuning + Maintenance Package

Health History, Diet Review, Individualized Wellness Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all plan. It's all about learning to listen to your body and its unique needs. Many people choose to start working together because of a newly diagnosed disease or food allergy/sensitivity. I treat people with chronic conditions, such as allergies, food sensitivity, diabetes, obesity, chronic illness and chronic inflammation, as well as with autoimmunity such as celiac, Crohn's, lupus, IBS, etc.


If, after trying my Healthy Living Package and Diet Review + Action Plan services, you find that you would like additional support accountability, education, and guidance this option may be for you. This is also a great option for those who would like to further their knowledge of holistic nutrition practices with a 1:1 approach.

Includes four (5) 30-45min. sessions

Cost: $425, per 5 sessions (instead of $100/session)

May be renewed as needed

Pantry Makeover

Sometimes we need a pair of outside lenses to give us some perspective. During my 1-hour pantry makeover, I’ll review your pantry items and identify options that may be helping or inhibiting your nutrition goals. I’ll also offer recommendations on certain foods, storage, prep, equipment, cleaning solutions.

Cost: $90/hour

Grocery Store Tour

I offer a 1-hour personalized grocery store trip. During this trip, I will show how to shop healthy and smart, what to look for in ingredients, and how to read nutrition labels to ensure you are getting the best out of your food and money.

Cost: $90/hour

Let's chat.

I'd love to help. 

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